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Bogotá's Rolling Party: La Ciclovia


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  • Juan Diego
    Juan Diego says #
    Hello uf you are in Bogotá I can give you a hand and We can ride toghether in la ciclovia for free only to improve my english, fee...
  • Mike
    Mike says #
    yes, we expect there to be a Ciclovia that day. If you'd like, you can rent a bike from Bogota Bike Tours. Best, Mike...

The San Alejo Flea Market's Wonderful Jumble

Posing for a portrait with an old box camera.

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Is it safe to travel to Colombia? A British Expat Answers The Question

Last year I was in Colombia watching images on the news of my hometown being ransacked and burnt. I was a mixture of emotions, from anger to sadness. From my adopted home in Colombia I could see from an outside perspective what was happening in my country. I was embarrassed and angry: a minority of the population was causing panic in other countries, making them heighten their security warnings for my beautiful home and even go as far as to advise against travel there.

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La Nacho: Much More Than a University

The National University's Bogotá campus, known fondly as 'La Nacho,' is Colombia's biggest university and widely known for its frequent protests and radical leftist graffiti.

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  • angela
    angela says #
    I love the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, the best in the country, it doesnt matter is not the most expensive, or with a luxury...


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