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We are an expat community that live and feel Colombia; we write in our native languages and love to travel through this beautiful country. Here you can find our travel stories where we share sensations, flavors and smells from Colombia. We invite you to read our experiences.

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That Time I Ran Bogota’s Half Marathon

Kenyan runner James Kipkemboi couldn’t stifle his laugh: “My record time in a half marathon is 1.02.46 and you are aiming for a time less than 2 hours and 20 minutes?”

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  • Richard
    Richard says #
    Chip, we are 2600m above sea level here, I know San Diego well, so the difference in altitude is extreme. In order to run this, yo...
  • Chip M
    Chip M says #
    Hey buddy, I want to run this but am not sure about the altitude. I live at the beach in San Diego and run at least one half marat...

Plaza Bolívar Turns into a Peasant Market

About once every two months, Plaza Bolivar, Colombia's center of government, experiences a radical makeover and turns into a Mercado Campesino, o Peasant Market. Peasants from all over Colombia come with their fruits and vegetables, jams and jellies, meats and even handicrafts. The goal is to hike campesinos' incomes by enabling them to sell directly to the consumer, rather than letting a middleman take much of the profit. The market also, for at least one day, gives central Bogotá a taste of the countryside.

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  • Matt
    Matt says #
    I've lived in bogota for almost two years and have never been. Do you have any idea where to find a schedule or is it all word of ...

Bogotá's Rolling Party: La Ciclovia


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  • Juan Diego
    Juan Diego says #
    Hello uf you are in Bogotá I can give you a hand and We can ride toghether in la ciclovia for free only to improve my english, fee...
  • Mike
    Mike says #
    yes, we expect there to be a Ciclovia that day. If you'd like, you can rent a bike from Bogota Bike Tours. Best, Mike...

The San Alejo Flea Market's Wonderful Jumble

Posing for a portrait with an old box camera.

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