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5 Bogota Day Trips to Escape the Big City

As you walk around
Bogotá on a clear day, through the bustling colonial streets of La Candelaria or the leafy parks in the north of the city, there‘s one thing you can never fail to notice. Bogotá’s mountains loom large over the city, peaking through gaps in buildings at every corner, serving as a reminder that life doesn’t end where Bogotá ends. For many travelers, life only just begins once you step outside the city’s perimeters.

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Caricature Street

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Visit San Agustin in Bogotá

San Agustin, near the Ecuadorean border, is the only place in Colombia where pre-Hispanic monuments have been discovered. But even if you don't have a chance to travel to the famous site, you can still experience a sample of the monuments in Bogotá, in a tiny park behind the Central Cemetery.

The original San Agustin is a bucolic region where you can walk through the forest and encounter hundreds of the mysterious monuments, which mix human and animal characteristics and often tower three meters high. In contrast, the tiny park near the cemetery is tucked behind a police station and surrounded by busy streets and small industries.

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What to Bring Back from Colombia

When I go to the land of my birth for a visit, I have few options for authentic Canadian gifts to bring back to family and friends in Colombia. Maple syrup and T-shirts with maple leafs on them are not very original ideas, but it is hard to come up with much else!  The reverse is not true, however, as Colombia has a rich, ancient culture, and as a result has plenty of uniquely Colombian items you can give to those in your home country. Here are a few that will put a smile on their faces without putting a big dent in your budget.

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  • Tom Germain
    Tom Germain says #
    Apparently, there's a territorial war between the distilleries, a bit like Coke vs Pepsi. In Antioquia, it's hard to find anything...
  • Eva Laura Siegel
    Eva Laura Siegel says #
    Caldas! I say this as someone who has never tried nor even seen they sell it in Cali?


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