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Loving Medellín

I’ve been here for less than a day. But I can already say: I love Medellín.

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  • Luz
    Luz says #
    Hi! Thanks for talking so well about our country, but in my opinion your article seems kind of rude. It'll be nicer to talk about...
  • Joaco
    Joaco says #
    oh, and that new trend of giving a lot of weight to public places, cycling roads or parks, or the idea of opening huge libraries -...

Lost City (Ciudad Perdida) Trek

We’d been walking along a slightly muddy path, up and down hills for about 2 hours when it dawned on me what exactly I’d signed up for. A 6 day trek through the jungle of Colombia! I’m not a trekker, I had a terrible fitness level and had just spent the last 2 weeks partying in Bogota, what was I thinking!? But it was too late, I was there and we were walking. It would take 3 days all the way to the Lost City and back again.

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  • Lucy
    Lucy says #
    hey Renee thanks for this post just wondered i am about as fit as a potatoe - how hard was the hike????...
  • Renee
    Renee says #
    Hi Adam, thanks for your comment. On the Lost City trek you will pass some of the Indigenous communities, however it was a little ...

Colombia Top 5: 5 Reasons You Should Come to Colombia, Now!

Hi everyone, JL here. First and foremost, thanks for reading our first entry in our blog for where Marcela (my wife) will join me during the coming weeks. We took a long time to decide what we’d kick things off with… We thought maybe to introduce ourselves, tell you who we are, what we do etc., but you can find all that information in our original blog. In the end the decision was obvious, and staring us right in the face as we looked out the window, so here are our

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  • JL
    JL says #
    They say pictures speak a thousand words so we turned this post into an infographic (below) We want to ask our readersto please h...
  • JL
    JL says #
    Hi Adam, Its really amazing, in all my travels around the world I've never seen an opinion as unanimous from the expat community...

Barranquilla Carnival- That'll Do Blogger

Wow. This IS so exciting. I am now an Official Blogger writing for about my favourite country, Colombia. Double-wow!

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  • Rainbow
    Rainbow "Official Blogger" Nelson says #
    Hi Valerie, We were invited by Proexport to be Official Bloggers as we live here. The idea is you need to be an ex-pat that fell i...
  • Valerie
    Valerie says #
    Hi! How did you become an official blogger for!? I have been trying to look for information and nothing!! I am in ...


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