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Make the Most of a Weekend in Salento

Right in the heart of Colombia’s Eje Cafetero (Coffee Axel) there is a highway, which runs between the cities of Pereira and Armenia. Each lovely in their own right, the real gem of this region comes when you deviate from this road and dip down into the pleasant mountain town of Salento.

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  • Tony Thumption
    Tony Thumption says #
    hi, so nice post.. Camere Salento
  • Ana Aponte
    Ana Aponte says #
    OMG I love this post about Salento. I Had the opportunity to go there couple of years ago unfortunately just a couple of hours but...

Escape to Copacabana

Fincas are the Colombian version of country homes, and it's common for paisas to escape the big city atmosphere of Medellin for fincas in nearby pueblos on the weekends.  My friend Rodrigo had generously invited me to stay at his family's finca in Copacabana one such weekend.


The Tayrona Trek: Mandatory

If you visit the Caribbean area of Colombia, an absolutely mandatory side trip from Santa Marta is the Tayrona National park (Parque Nacional Tayrona). This is a protected coastal tropical forest, most of which you can only access by foot, donkey, or boat, thus guaranteeing an adventure away from civilization.


How To Make Juice

I know this sounds like a really lame post. Hell, I feel stupid just writing it. You don't make juice. You squeeze citrus to get juice, or you juice fruits to get juice. Real juice, anyway-- in my family we always had frozen fruit concentrates in the freezer that you mixed with water to “make” juice, but nobody was fooled. I never considered myself much of a juice fan, though, so I didn't much care. Apple juice always made me want to throw up a little, and although I do love freshly squeezed orange juice, it always seemed just a bit too much work to do at home or stupidly expensive out. And for “real” juice, the kind they serve at juice bars, for that you needed an expensive, not-high-on-my-list-of-kitchen-essentials juicer.

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  • MNice
    MNice says #
    If you happen to be in North America, this is all that you need, and you still get that same good and fresh tasting passion fruit....
  • Jen
    Jen says #
    In Puerto Rico they use watermelon to sweeten the juice.


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