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Road trip through Meta

It was a work trip and we were off to see some properties in the state of Meta, located in the centre of Colombia. It would be 2 days of working, followed by 2 days of holiday at a farm/ holiday home (in Spanish called a ‘finca’) close to the town of Villavicencio.

Meta is a region of the plains. Long, straight, seemly unending roads with long grasses and a few trees - a very familiar landscape for me from inland road trips back home in Australia. As you drive further away from the main roads the scenery changes into an unusual hilly landscape. The climate of the Meta region was for me, perfect! It was quite warm, around 35 degrees but without the humidity that makes warmer climates so uncomfortable. The land is used for cattle, but rarely crops, although this area is becoming more developed especially with the discovery of petroleum reservoirs throughout the area. The small town of Puerto Gaitan, which serves as a gateway to the petroleum reservoirs, is expanding as more and more petroleum companies use the town as a base for accommodation and other requirements.

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  • Mike
    Mike says #
    Adam, I see its been a while since you asked but I ran into this site on my search. Hope it helps. The prices are all in Colombian...
  • Adam
    Adam says #
    Hi Renee. How do you go about renting fincas? Thanks! Adam

The icon Colombia Needs

You've won a contest. The first prize is you get to visit as many countries as you can in one week. The catch? You only have 2 hours in each country and you only get one photo.

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  • José Luis Pastor & Marcela Mariscal
    José Luis Pastor & Marcela Mariscal says #
    Hi Eric, Thanks a lot for your kind words. The Taj Mahal example you give is exactly what I’m talking about: using a universally...
  • Eric Hiss
    Eric Hiss says #
    Great post JL. Some excellent insights. I would just like to add my two pesos here as someone who has spent two decades in the tra...

Mompox – A trip into Colombia’s Heartland – Saints, Sinners and Masons

“As they sailed down to the coast the river had grown more vast and solemn, like a swamp with no beginning or end, and the heat was so dense you could touch it with your hands.”

Gabriel Garcia Marquez – The General in His Labyrinth.

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  • Michael Ireton
    Michael Ireton says #
    A delightful read which brings back wonderful memories of our recent stay at Richard's fantastic place in Mompos and really captu...

Welcome to the Coolest 'Hood' in Colombia - Getsemani

People are finally catching on to the barrio that This Is Cartagena calls home.

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  • Kristina
    Kristina says #
    Makes me wish I was there now!
  • Vini Brasil
    Vini Brasil says #
    Te quiero Getsemaní. La mejor parte de la ciudad ...


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