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We are an expat community that live and feel Colombia; we write in our native languages and love to travel through this beautiful country. Here you can find our travel stories where we share sensations, flavors and smells from Colombia. We invite you to read our experiences.

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Like most things in Colombia, fruits tend to be regional--that is, they are traditionally found in one region of Colombia more so than in any other or, sometimes, they are truly only found in one region of the country. That being said, on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, there are many fruits juices that may be found in other parts of the country, but are native to and most often associated with the Caribbean coast. In this post, I'd like to introduce you to a few of the traditional fruits here on the Caribbean coast that are used to make juices.

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  • Paige Poole
    Paige Poole says #
    Eva! I have tried borojó in milk and I love it---I didn't include it in this post, because it's traditionally from the Pacific Coa...
  • Eva Laura Siegel
    Eva Laura Siegel says #
    Alright, I´ve never tried nispero or corozo, so I´m feeling seriously out of the loop. Going on the list. But PLEASE tell me you`v...


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