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We are an expat community that live and feel Colombia; we write in our native languages and love to travel through this beautiful country. Here you can find our travel stories where we share sensations, flavors and smells from Colombia. We invite you to read our experiences.

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Colombia Top 5: 5 Reasons You Should Come to Colombia, Now!

Hi everyone, JL here. First and foremost, thanks for reading our first entry in our blog for where Marcela (my wife) will join me during the coming weeks. We took a long time to decide what we’d kick things off with… We thought maybe to introduce ourselves, tell you who we are, what we do etc., but you can find all that information in our original blog. In the end the decision was obvious, and staring us right in the face as we looked out the window, so here are our

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  • JL
    JL says #
    They say pictures speak a thousand words so we turned this post into an infographic (below) We want to ask our readersto please h...
  • JL
    JL says #
    Hi Adam, Its really amazing, in all my travels around the world I've never seen an opinion as unanimous from the expat community...

Barranquilla Carnival- That'll Do Blogger

Wow. This IS so exciting. I am now an Official Blogger writing for about my favourite country, Colombia. Double-wow!

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  • Rainbow
    Rainbow "Official Blogger" Nelson says #
    Hi Valerie, We were invited by Proexport to be Official Bloggers as we live here. The idea is you need to be an ex-pat that fell i...
  • Valerie
    Valerie says #
    Hi! How did you become an official blogger for!? I have been trying to look for information and nothing!! I am in ...

Colombia by Event

Perhaps you are the kind of traveler who makes your visits coincide with a major event at your destination of interest. Colombia has a lot of festivals and carnivals which will sate your thirst for excitement! Here's a short list of some of  the most important ones that await you during the course of the next 12 months.

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  • Alfredompox
    Alfredompox says #
    In April also is known worldwide the Mompox holy week, the holy week only marched in the country and one of the best in the world ...

The Pacific Coast

I love living in Cali. It’s a fun city, but it’s known for it’s nightlife, not it’s wildlife, and it is missing one of my favorite things: the ocean. Which is why, of all the places close to Cali that I have visited, the Pacific Coast of Colombia is my favorite. The first time I went, I was completely taken in by how different the coast was from Cali: green, lush and completely undeveloped. Four months later I returned, but this time for whale watching season. Not only did I take a boat out to see some whales, but I was able to kayak right up to them as well! Last Spring, I went a third time, after convincing some visiting friends that it was a place they couldn’t miss while in Colombia.

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  • Kelsi Mills
    Kelsi Mills says #
    Sí! El pacífico es uno de los lugares más tranquilo! ¡Me encantó! Y Julio es el mejor guía!
  • Eleonora Espetia Gomez
    Eleonora Espetia Gomez says #
    me encanta el mar pacifico! fuimos con julio y bicivan tours y fue una experiencia increible. que bacano, no?!?


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