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Healthy Street food on Bogotá’s Ciclovía

Bogotá’s Ciclovía is the weekly event when dozens of city streets are closed off and people take over mile upon mile of open roads for biking, skating, jogging and walking. It's a rare and amazing event which many cities have tried to copy. Why wouldn’t they? It’s such a good idea and without a doubt one of the best ways to get to know and enjoy a city like Bogotá that is normally overrun with cars and traffic. Plus, you can eat everything along the way and get a taste of some of Colombia’s healthiest street food. Here is just a sampling of some of the fruit and food you might see and taste along the way.

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  • Diana
    Diana says #
    Thanks for your comment, Eva! You should definitely take a walk on the wild side and try some of Colombia's exotic fruits. You won...
  • Eva Fanjul
    Eva Fanjul says #
    Thanks Diana for your post, very interesting. It is certainly an incentive to dare to try exotic fruits from Colombia. Personally,...

My First Carnaval in Colombia

It was February 2009, and within just a few weeks of arriving in Medellin, I forced myself to leave for Carnaval, one of the country's biggest annual celebrations. Billed as the 2nd largest Carnaval celebration after Brazil's parties, I knew it was an event I had to experience firsthand.

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  • carlos
    carlos says #
    Importante glad you nave had enyoied such an important event its cool that a foreing aprecciate our traditions Hope you have thr ...
  • Dave
    Dave says #
    Hi Brittany, thank for reading Medellin Living! It was my first Carnaval experience, and it was fun and confusing -- I had no ide...

City Hiking in Bogota

In what seems like an event from another lifetime, I decided, after staring too long at the ubiquitous railings that are so synonymous with New York’s fire escapes, to take an urban hike through that city. Donning my well-worn boots, I laced up and headed out of my tenement in Washington Heights and struck out south down the entire length of Broadway. It was 11 miles in total all the way to the Ferry Terminal and took me about 5 hours given the inevitable delays at street crossings, construction, stopping to take photos and well, soaking up all of what New York has in profundity, character.


When I Was Little

When I was little, El Dorado was the place Esteban et al. were searching for in the cartoon ‘The Mysterious Cities of Gold’. However, according to what I learned at Guatavita, El Dorado has nothing to do with hard-to-find jungle cites…

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  • Newman Rising
    Newman Rising says #
    Did you heard about the "Fifth Largest Cathedral in The World". There's awesome pictures at Take ...


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