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Adventures By Day & Treehouse Sleeping By Night at Rio Claro Nature Reserve

If you were anything like me growing up then you watched the movie Swiss Family Robinson one too many times for the main reason of seeing the awesome treehouse they built for themselves!  As a little girl, the idea of sleeping under a roof, but still very much outdoors and surrounded by nature seemed absolutely magical.

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  • Dana
    Dana says #
    Hi! How many days did you spend in Rio Claro? Would you recommend the tree house option over the other accomodations including the...

Parque Tayrona

On the Caribbean coast, near the town of Santa Marta, where the sea meets jungle, is one gorgeous stretch of coastline.  There, in Tayrona National Park, you can find one beautiful beach after another and is a place that anyone traveling to Colombia should make an effort to visit.

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Couchsurfing in Bogota

My first impressions of Bogota, and Colombia, were shattered when Laura opened the door to her apartment.


5 Places In Colombia You Have to Travel to Before Everyone Else

To many people the whole of Colombia remains 'off the beaten track', but this is a situation that is  rapidly changing. As you walk the streets of Bogota or Medellin, increasingly you bump into travellers and expats that have discovered the paradise of Colombia, and are intent on spreading the word. Worried your favourite destinations are going to get crowded before long? Fear not.



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