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The Top 10 Off the Beaten Track Things to Do in Bogota

Looking for different activities in Bogota? Then how about checking out some of the more obscure museums, markets, hikes and destinations in the Colombian capital?

1. Shop in Paloquemao


Pick out fruit of all different shapes and sizes at this huge indoor produce market, then try to put an English name to each of them, I’ll wager it’s not possible.

2. Hike the Cerros Orientales


An escape from Bogota and a workout for your mind, body and soul as you can wend your way up the mountains on the eastern edge of the city in order to score unrivalled views of the capital.

3. Eat at the Embajada del Pacifico


Not an embassy, but a rundown area of about 8 blocks just a stone’s throw from the Candelaria where you can find dozens of seafood restaurants serving delicious specialty food such as the piangua run by people from the Pacific Choco region.

4. Spy out cutting edge urban graffiti


Bogota’s walls play host to some excellent cutting edge graffiti, some political and some artistic, walk the streets near to university campuses and in the Candelaria and you’ll be sure to cast you eye over some fascinating pieces of urban artwork.

5. Check out the Central Cemetery


A sprawling monument to Bogota’s deceased; the central cemetery is a stroll through the annals of history. Vast mausoleums house former presidents and captains of industry, masons and paupers.

6. Rock climb in Suesca


Just one hour from the city is the nearest and most accessible destination for rock climbers of all grades. Organize a trip out with a reputable climbing school and they’ll be able to show you the best routes and courses.

7. Play Tejo on the Avenida Primero de Mayo


The national sport of tejo – hurling a weight-like disc down a narrow alleyway at a cordite laden clay base – is something that no visitor to Colombia should miss. Go with friends, order a round of beers and get involved in South Bogota on the Avenida Primero de Mayo.

8. Eat Fritanga


Not making the Top Tens of favorite foods for visitors to Colombia, the fritanga is a mix of sliced up and diced up mystery meats. Included can be, but not mandatory are, chopped blood sausage, chorizo, chicken, beef, intestines, liver, potatoes and so on.

9. Chorrera Waterfall


Drive out over the eastern mountains from the Candelaria and you will be taken over a winding mountainous road with breathtaking views. Head towards the town of Choachi and then on to the waterfall and enjoy an unusual day out.

10. The Museum of Bogota


Housed in a beautifully restored colonial building on the corner of the Carrera 4 with Calle 10 in the Candelaria, the Museo de Bogota is a wonderful insight into the life and times of the various barrios of the city. A little light on some facets of life the old photographs and maps are worth the visit alone.

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