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Colombia's UNESCO Heritage Sites

The National Museum, in Bogotá, is holding a colorful exhibition about Colombia's 14 UNESCO World Heritage sites, which include both cultural and natural phenomena. These include very concrete things, such as the Coffee Region and carnaval parades, as well as immaterial phenomena such as music and indigenous peoples' traditional knowledge.


A humorous and irreverent carnaval display.


Sacks of coffee and coffee plants. Colombia is renowned for producing some of the world's best coffee.

A museum display isn't quite the same as being there. But for those of us who haven't visited many of these places, or for those who are considering visiting them, the exhibit is a colorful and informative introduction.


An indigenous mask.


A museum visitor photographs a display of marine life from the Malpala Sanctuary, off of Colombia's Pacific Coast.


Wayuu indigenous women's dress from the Guajira Peninsula.


A mix of indigenous and European musical instruments used at cultural events.

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