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Colombia's Fantastic Fruits!

Posing with a guanabana in the Palo Quemao fruit market.

I've lived all over South America, but Colombia is where I've seen the biggest variety of tropical fruits. Maybe it's thanks to the country's size, its great variety of climates, or just luck. But, from the sweet and refreshing pitaya, to the passionate maracuya, to the bizarre and juicy sapote, to the delicate mangostino, Colombia's fruits are a marvel.

While lots of fruits are available in supermarkets and corner shops, by far the funnest place to experience the great variety of tastes and colors is in one of the city's traditional fruit markets, such as Palo Quemao.

Try an avocado? Colombia has about 15 varieties of avocados, called aguacates, including some huge ones.
Is this a guanabana or a dinosaur egg I'm holding?
A vendor in the Las Nieves fruit market.
Pitayas, lulos and papayas for sale.
Mangostino looks like garlic - but tastes very different.
The brown borojo fruit is supposed to be aphrodisiac.
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Joel Tuesday, 12 February 2013

I have been there twice and I love it. The most loving people, the best food, large variety of fruits, the best beaches (Tayrona National Park), the best coffee, beautiful flowers, beautiful women, and they treat people with respect, they respect the elderly, it is just an amazing country. I have been to Cartagena, Barranquilla, Bogota, and Santa Marta.

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Guest Tuesday, 27 January 2015


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