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Coffee Culture

Colombia is known world-wide for its great coffee. But it can sometimes be hard to find a good cup of coffee here, because the best coffee is exported, while inexpensive coffee is actually imported for domestic consumption.

But that doesn't mean you can't find good coffee in Colombia - if you know where to look.


There are two varieties of coffee: robusta, which is grown at low altitude and is inexpensive, and arabica - Colombia's specialty - which is grown at high altitude and commands high prices on world markets. Colombia is a great coffee-growing country because it lots of mountains and volcanic soil.

In recent years, Colombia's coffee harvest has suffered from climate change and the country's armed conflict. Also, many farmers have uprooted and replanted their fields. But the coffee industry expects production to rebound within a few years as the new plants mature.

High quality 'green' Arabica beans, waiting to be roasted.
On the left, low-quality robusta beans, on the right arabica beans. Arabica beans are usually more oval-shaped.
Coffee can also be art. This barista uses milk to draw teddy bears and American Indians in the coffee.
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