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Bogotá's Greatest Little-Known Museum

The National Museum's recently-renovated front.

If you only have time to visit one museum in Bogotá, consider making it the less-known National Museum, which has a little of everything. Art? It's got abstract art, classical paintings, sculpture, modern art and even some Boteros. History? You'll find all you want, from pre-Columbian times, through the revolution, to Colombia's growth and contemporary exhibits. How about gold? They've got rooms of it, and silver, too. Anthropology? Yep. African face masks? Yep. Mummies? Yep. You get the idea.

The National Museum's building is also worth a visit by itself. It was built to be a prison, and you can still see the old gates, the guards' observation holes, and even visit a preserved cdell, where you can feel the inmates' claustrophobia and see some of the shackles and other devices used to restrain them.

The museum's front entrance was recently renovated, providing handicapped access and giving it a little bit of the feel of a public plaza.

An abstract art room.
Classical art hall.
Students admire African Art.
Visions of Simon Bolivar.
Models of Christopher Columbus's ships.
Even Botero's trees are fat!
Indigenous artifacts.
A visitor looks down through one of the holes through which prison guards once observed inmates.
A cramped cell in which inmates spent years.
Shackles and other instruments of restraint.
A statue of Policarpa, a heroine of Colombia's revolution.
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Hayward Friday, 17 August 2012

Colombia is a diverse country. In several trips I have only experienced a samll portion.
My bus trip from Manizalas to Bogota was one magnificent adventure, high into the mountains and then crossing the Magdalena and then via Giraradot to Bogota. Cool, hot and cool again. I am going back to see more soon. Beautiful Colombia.

MARINA ARANGO Friday, 12 April 2013

Thanks, hope all in your stay in my beautiful country be pleasant!

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Guest Thursday, 30 October 2014


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