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Colombian Gastronomy on Wheels

Have you ever heard of Diego Moreno? Turns out he's a guy from Bogotá who is travelling around South America by bike in order to learn more about the gastronomy of Latin American countries, starting and ending in Colombia, and based on the origin, variety, cultivation, use, selection and preparation of food, dining preferences, eating habits, ceremonies and rituals.



Diego is an agricultural engineer and worked for several years in food security, rural development and healthy eating practices in Bogotá's surroudings including Sumapáz. He also worked with a friend who is a cook, an experience that led him to study culinary arts as a way of coming full circle in the process he had been working on for so long and that is now so popular around the world - the farm to table movement. The connection that can be made between people when cooking is a strong and important one, and Diego is well aware of this.

Having plenty of knowledge about farming around Bogotá and Colombian cuisine in general, Diego decided to embark on his greatest culinary adventure - getting to know Latin American cuisine by bike and directly from the people that cook it while sharing some of Colombia's cuisine and healthy cooking with them.



I think this is such an important project because, at least from my point of view, Latin American cuisine in general has so much more potential than people think, especially Colombian food which is often criticized by visitors. By venturing out across borders and discovering the cuisine of others you can learn a lot about your own cuisine and promote it in other countries.





Diego's adventure started a bit over ten months ago and you can follow him on his web page where he writes about his experiences with a few recipes he's picked up along the way - Fortunately there are more and more people like Diego who are genuinely interested in Colombian gastronomy. These kinds of people have the power to educate and promote our national gastronomy to the world - in this case, one pedal at a time. Good luck, Diego!




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Eva Wednesday, 04 April 2012

Hi Diana, what a cool project! I'm surprised to hear you say that Colombian food is often criticized by visitors, in what way do they normally criticize it? I ask because if anything, I've only ever seen the opposite reaction...(I will say that I occasionally make fun of the whole caleño ACPM thing, but only because I have friends who literally will not touch green vegetables...)

Diana Thursday, 05 April 2012

For those who don't know, ACPM stands for Rice, Meat, Potato and Plantain in spanish - the staples of many diets in Colombia. I love that and it is very true for a lot of people. I have heard people, even Lonely Planet, complain about Colombian food being too bland and boring. I guess if you compare it to Mexican cuisine it is bland but overall I think the food is really good here - it's humble, yes, and unpretentious but it's good. Some people have complained to me about it being unhealthy and that everything is fried. I guess it depends where you go, like anywhere else in the world. I have a friend from the US who did nothing but complain about the food here and one year later, she stops on the street to buy aromática and arepa con she admits that the food here IS good :)

That being said - I'm the first to admit that there is A LOT of room for improvement in Colombian cuisine. We have a long way to go but the foundations are strong...

Gracias por tu comentario, Eva!

Jameson Blake Thursday, 12 April 2012

This is just! It sounds like a dream biking and eating good food. What could go wrong... the only thing I know that ruins both of those is rain.

Diana Thursday, 12 April 2012

Hi! Thanks for your comment. You are absolutely right about the rain. Hopefully he'll have good weather for most of his trip. Not like in Bogotá recently...we got almost 24 hours of solid rain in the last day!

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