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Escape to Copacabana

Fincas are the Colombian version of country homes, and it's common for paisas to escape the big city atmosphere of Medellin for fincas in nearby pueblos on the weekends.  My friend Rodrigo had generously invited me to stay at his family's finca in Copacabana one such weekend.


I met up with him outside the university where he'd given me Spanish classes back in 2009. We made a pitstop at his apartment before picking up his friend, and some food.  We drove north to Copacabana, which is about 30 minutes from downtown Medellin.

Darkness had already fallen over the valley when we turned off the main highway, and began winding our way up the mountain.  As we bounced around, I understood why he had a 4x4. The more concern I showed for how fast he was driving, the faster he seemed to go.


As we drove higher and higher, I noticed exclusive looking fences and gates, and eventually, we stopped in front of one. The gate opened and Rodrigo parked the SUV in the driveway.

The whole property on which the finca sat was basked in green lights. I later asked why green, and he said it was easier on the eyes than white.

Looking South, it was easy to see Medellin, as reflected by the glowing orange sky.  It was close enough to make weekly trips to the finca an easy affair, yet distant enough to enjoy peace and quiet, and the natural beauty that encompasses much of Colombia.

Rodrigo proceeded to give me a tour of the finca and property as a whole. Due to the constant Spring-like temperatures in the region, pools and outdoor jacuzzis are popular features of fincas.  This property featured both, set below the main house, with sweeping views of the valley.

I've stayed at a few fincas so far, however Rodrigo's was by far the nicest.


A second, smaller house by the pool was where his parents stay, and I had the pleasure of meeting them both for the first time.  They told me to make myself at home, and while the air was a bit chilly, I ultimately joined Rodrigo, his brother and friends in the jacuzzi.

Looking North, you could see the tiny pueblo of Girardota, as indicated by the church tower.

Once my skin was shriveled from the water, I made my exit, and the others did as well.

It was about 11 pm, and we were all getting hungry, so one of Rodrigo's friends took the lead and started cooking up bacon burgers on the outdoor grill.

I continued to use the time to practice speaking Spanish, and after dinner, retired to my room for a good night's rest.

Based on prior experiences, I knew I'd be treated to beautiful views of the mountains and valley when I woke up in the morning.  I was looking forward to it.

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