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Colombian Foods I Can't Get Enough Of

It's safe to say Colombian food often gets a bad wrap, but if you give it a chance, I'm confident you'll find at least five dishes you'll want to eat more than once.

Below are five of my favorites. These are the foods I miss most when I'm not in the country.

1. Ajiaco

I discovered ajiaco on my first full day in Colombia. I was walking around Plaza Bolivar with my couchsurfing host in Bogota, when we dipped into a restaurant serving cuisine typical of the region.

I ordered the ajiaco, a thick soup with shredded chicken, potatoes, corn, and cream, to which you add avocado, rice, capers, and fresh cilantro. It'll fill you up and keep you warm on a chilly day.

I'm not normally a big soup fan, but this one is incredible.


2. Pargo

The Caribbean coast offers visitors a plethora of seafood options. My favorite is the fried pargo (red snapper). For me, this fish offers a lot of tender, juicy bites without a lot of work de-boning the thing.

Just looking at the photo above, taken at a restaurant on the beach in Taganga, has me ready to book a flight to the coast.

Arepa con Queso

3. Arepa con Queso

Arepas are everywhere, and at every meal, in Colombia, but all are not created equal. More often then not, the ones served in restaurants are small, dry, and lacking any flavor. That's why I prefer to indulge my arepa addiction on the streets.

Street vendors have a way of adding enough butter and cheese to bring arepas to life. And in Medellin Colombia, they'll also offer to add a squirt of sweetened condensed milk to the top which adds a touch of sweetness to the saltiness of the arepa and cheese.

Bandeja Paisa

4. Bandeja Paisa (with Chicken)

Bandeja Paisa is a traditional dish from the state of Antioquia, of which Medellin is the capital.

It a super-sized combination of Colombian favorites, including meat, chicharron (pork fat), chorizo, beans, fried plantains, a fried egg, avocado, a small salad, and an arepa.

I'm not a big meat eater, which is why I was so happy to find a version with chicken in the pueblo of Guatape, a few hours east of Medellin.


5. Buñuelos

These salty, deep-fried balls of cheese bread are the bomb. I'm sure they have no health benefits whatsoever, but they are seriously addictive, and while you can get them any time of year, they're especially popular around Christmas.

Now it's your turn. Which foods do you like most in Colombia? Leave a comment below.

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Kevin Hodges Sunday, 09 September 2012

Ajiaco is the best. I'm glad to see that at the top of your list. Not everybody serves it right so you have to find the right place. But man is it good. Love love Bunuelos. The perfect morning breakfast starter. One I think that should be in the top 5 is Trucha con ajillo and camorones. It's the best in the coffee region in the town of Salento. Cant go wrong. Enjoy!!!!

Brian Singer Wednesday, 19 September 2012

David, thank you so much for providing those recipes! I went to Colombia last year, and there are some specialties I'd like to try next time :D

Brian Singer

clara cecilia velez Friday, 26 July 2013

me encantan las recetas ya que me gusta la culinaria por no hay nada mejor que cocinar lo que a uno le gusta

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