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Eva Laura Siegel

Chocolate con queso

"Vea, se le cayo esto" - Look, you dropped this.

If you are one of those people who unwraps a candy bar and lets the wrapper drop to the street (and if you are, what is wrong with you??), and if you happen to be in Colombia while you do this, it is quite likely that someone will (ever so politely) tap you on the shoulder to hand you your wrapper, saying, "vea, se le cayo". Then they will smile (with only the slightest hint of passive-aggresiveness), and be on their merry way.

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Fritanga Time

It's 4 o'clock in the afternoon in Cali, and if you're lucky the famous afternoon brisa caleña (Caleñan breeze) is helping you cool off from the heat of the day. What time is it, then? It´s fritanga time.

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  • Claudia
    Claudia says #
    Thanks for the helpful recipe. It is the same way my friend used to do it. Con la bolsa plástica!! I really miss my Colombian foo...

How To Make Juice

I know this sounds like a really lame post. Hell, I feel stupid just writing it. You don't make juice. You squeeze citrus to get juice, or you juice fruits to get juice. Real juice, anyway-- in my family we always had frozen fruit concentrates in the freezer that you mixed with water to “make” juice, but nobody was fooled. I never considered myself much of a juice fan, though, so I didn't much care. Apple juice always made me want to throw up a little, and although I do love freshly squeezed orange juice, it always seemed just a bit too much work to do at home or stupidly expensive out. And for “real” juice, the kind they serve at juice bars, for that you needed an expensive, not-high-on-my-list-of-kitchen-essentials juicer.

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  • MNice
    MNice says #
    If you happen to be in North America, this is all that you need, and you still get that same good and fresh tasting passion fruit....
  • Jen
    Jen says #
    In Puerto Rico they use watermelon to sweeten the juice.

Empanadas de Cambray

I think it's happened to all of us: you bite into something expecting sweet, and instead you get a mouthful of saltiness. Or vice versa: you want salty and instead you get an unexpected, unwelcome sugar rush.

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  • Dale
    Dale says #
    Can you freeze before baking? Can I fill with veggies and or meat?
  • Dissect The Planet
    Dissect The Planet says #
    There is something to say about single ingredients and the value they play in taste and cuisine, but there are those few recipes t...


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