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Vicki Kellaway

I've spent the last 18 months living in Colombia - despite never intending to visit here. I'm a freelance journalist and was travelling in South America when a Colombian friend suggested I go north, to visit her homeland. I fell in love with Bogota and decided to stay; writing about the country and doing my best to improve my Spanish. I've since travelled all over Colombia and am now living between Cartagena, on the Caribbean coast and the capital.

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  • Salsa Circus

    I knew Cali was Colombia’s 'Capital of Salsa', but I didn’t realise the city's salsa circus – called Delirio – would showcase its talents quite so spectacularly. This amazing show does exactly what it promises, combining salsa and a genuine circus in a flash of smiles, sequins and daring trapeze stunts. You’ll laugh at the clowns and marvel at the ...
    Apr 23 Tags: Cali, Salsa
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David Lee

David Lee is the Editor in Chief of and

In 2007, he quit his office job in northern Virginia to embark on a dream trip around the world. In January 2009, after visiting more than 20 countries, he arrived in Medellin, Colombia.

He was immediately enamored with the city, and proceeded to spend the next 6 months delving into Antioquian culture, learning Spanish, and more importantly, learning to dance salsa. David continues to spend several months per year living in Medellin.

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  • Colombian Foods I Can't Get Enough Of

    It's safe to say Colombian food often gets a bad wrap, but if you give it a chance, I'm confident you'll find at least five dishes you'll want to eat more than once. Below are five of my favorites. These are the foods I miss most when I'm not in the country. 1. Ajiaco I discovered ajiaco on my first full day in Colombia. I was walking around P ...
  • 5 Awe-Inspiring destinations in Colombia

    Geographically speaking, Colombia is a surprisingly diverse country. Before arriving in 2009, I imagined it was one big jungle. I'm embarssed to admit that my knowledge of the country was limited to what I'd seen on news clips and in Hollywood movies. Now that I've spent over a year and a half living in Medellin, and traveling Colombia, I can lo ...
  • Learning Salsa in Colombia

    Learning to dance salsa was the last thing on my mind when I arrived in Colombia. I'd taken lessons at a studio in Washington, DC a few years earlier, but I was far too shy to start asking strange women to dance outside of the classroom. It was par for the course. My parents had enrolled me in ballroom dance classes when I was a little kid. We l ...
    Jul 11 Tags: Salsa, dancing, Medellín, colombia
  • The Top 10 Reasons I Miss Medellin

    I have a confession to make. In August 2010, after a cummulative 18 months living in Medellin Colombia, I left to explore the rest of South America. Until then, Colombia had been the one and only country I was familiar with on the continent.  I knew the city and paisa culture of Medellin were awesome, but what if there were other cities that ...
    Jun 19 Tags: culture, Medellín
  • The Colorful Pueblo of Guatape

    The people living in Colombia's big cities, including Bogota, Medellin and Cali love to get away from their concrete jungles whenever possible. Weekends and holidays are all reason enough for them to visit nearby pueblos, usually no more than an hour or two away by car or bus. Weekend homes in these pueblos are called fincas, and if you're ...
    May 21 Tags: guatape, antioquia, pueblo
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Drew Sullivan

I was born in Sydney, Australia – a sunny, multicultural city. At the age of 18 I spent 5 months vagabonding around India before I returned to my home town and started university to become a journalist.

Between classes I wrote for a newspaper called Sydney City News and on the weekends I rode my motorbike as far away as I could. I had a dream brewing, a motorcycle ride around South America. So when my university offered me a scholarship to study my final semester in Colombia, I accepted straight away. In Bogotá I bought a new motorcycle and rode it throughout Cundinamarca, Antioquia, Boyacá, El Valle del Cauca, Santander, the Pacific and the Caribbean coasts. Then in December 2010 I finished university and hit the road again. I rode down to Ecuador, across Peru, down through Chile, over to Argentina, up to Brazil, around Uruguay, over to Bolivia and then back up to Bogotá. It took me a year to ride that motorcycle 20,000km´s around South America, living my dream. Back in Bogotá, I was out of cash and in love, so I decided to stay a while and soon found a job as a travel writer with Mantaraya Travel.

The dream is to ride all the way up to Alaska. But for the meantime, I´m comfortable and content in Colombia.

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  • Top 10 Travel Destinations in Colombia

    1. Cartagena Cartagena´s colonial charm, colorful culture and picturesque coastal setting has made it Colombia´s number 1 travel destination for decades. Whether you´re there to wander through the narrow streets of the World Heritage Listed old city, party or chill out on the beaches of the beautiful neighboring islands, Cartagena ...
    Mar 17 Tags: Untagged
  • Hilarious Colombian Hand Gestures

    Is this person calling me an idiot or saying that the bus is full? Are they blowing me a kiss or pointing to the restaurant across the street? This one minute video on hilarious Colombian hand gestures will help any traveler slip smoothly into Colombian culture, making the locals jaws drop in the process. Since I moved to Bogotá I´ve been fascinat ...
    Feb 21 Tags: Untagged
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Mike Ceaser

I grew up in N. California, but also worked for several newspapers in the southern U.S. To improve my Spanish, I traveled to Chile, where I taught English, then to La Paz, Bolivia for several years, to Paraguay and then to Venezuela, where I covered Hugo Chavez's 'revolution' for foreign media. But I became disillusioned with chavismo and wanted to see Colombia, which did not receive the attention it deserved, so I came to Bogotá about six years ago. After three years, I started Bogotá Bike Tours.

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