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Tom Germain

I was born and raised in Montreal, later moving to Toronto and other parts of Ontario. I spent years working in the financial sector, then discovered the Internet in 1996 and soon became a consultant, a business that still pays my bills today. Making a living from the Internet is significant because it eventually allowed me to live practically anywhere in the world, as my physical location was not that important business-wise.

In 2001, I decided I did not want to endure the harsh Canadian weather and resettled on the island of Cozumel, Mexico. My hunger for exotic surroundings did not stop there, as I later made my home in Argentina, Spain (Canary Islands), Mauritius, and finally Colombia.

I still maintain a home in Windsor (Ontario), Canada, and another in Florida, but my family, namely my wife and 2 year old daughter, is anchored in Medellin.

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Kelsi Mills

Kelsi Mills is currently living and working in Cali, Colombia. She moved to Colombia in the summer of 2009 for a teaching position. On her blog, No Hablo Español, she writes not only about the adventures and trips she has taken while in Colombia, but shares anecdotes from her daily life abroad as well.

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  • ¡Quien lo Vive es Quien lo Goza!

    Barranquilla's carnival slogan, quien lo viven es quien lo goza, translates to who lives it, is who enjoys it. After missing the past two Carnivals while in Colombia, I was finally able to attend one this year and found out for myself that the slogan holds true. Barranquilla's Carnival is one of the more well-known and famous ...
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  • Parque Tayrona

    On the Caribbean coast, near the town of Santa Marta, where the sea meets jungle, is one gorgeous stretch of coastline.  There, in Tayrona National Park, you can find one beautiful beach after another and is a place that anyone traveling to Colombia should make an effort to visit. It took me three years to finally make it here, but I a ...
    Apr 21 Tags: Untagged
  • Ciudad Perdida

    La Ciudad Perdida is a five-day hike in the Colombian jungle. A few summers ago, three friends were coming to visit me and I convinced them that this trek was something we needed to do together. They went for it and so, in addition to visiting Cartagena and Taganga, I made arrangements for us to trek to the "The Lost City" in the Sierra Nevadas ...
  • Caño Cristales

    When I first arrived in Colombia, I heard about a river that was supposed to be breathtakingly beautiful. I also heard that it was incredible hard to get to. So, I forgot about it. But then, last fall, some coworkers and I decided to go. Now, for most of the year, Caño Cristales, is just a normal river, but from June to November, between the wet a ...
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  • The Pacific Coast

    I love living in Cali. It’s a fun city, but it’s known for it’s nightlife, not it’s wildlife, and it is missing one of my favorite things: the ocean. Which is why, of all the places close to Cali that I have visited, the Pacific Coast of Colombia is my favorite. The first time I went, I was completely taken in by how different the coast was from Ca ...
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Richard McColl

Richard McColl is an Anglo-Canadian freelance journalist now living in Colombia. Here he divides his time between his guesthouse, La Casa Amarilla in Mompos and the capital Bogota. He is the author of the Michelin Green Guide to Colombia, is published in various international media including the BBC, CNN, Global Traveller, the Daily Telegraph and the Independent amongst others. He blogs at Matador and is the Colombia country expert for the Nile Guide.

When not chained to his desk Richard dreams of adventures in the jungles of southern Colombia, some of which he accomplishes, others not!

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Renee Van Trier

Renee is an Aussie girl, who loves to travel. She was born in Sydney, Australia and grew up in Brisbane. One year after graduating from a Bachelor of Architecture she embarked on her first overseas adventure and hasn’t stopped travelling since.

She has lived abroad in Dublin, Ireland and Bogota, Colombia working in her profession and dabbling in the art of teaching English. She loves photography, sketching, drinking good coffee and writing about her adventures in Colombia on her blog 'un latte deslactosada'.

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  • The Tatacoa Desert (Desierto de la Tatacoa)

    To break up the bus trip back to Bogota from San Agustin, I made a stop into Neiva and the Tatacoa Desert for a couple of days. I visited the desert as a day trip from Neiva, the capital of the Huila district of Colombia. Starting off bright and early in the morning at the bus station in Neiva, I caught a collectivo bus to Villavieja. These buses d ...
  • Road trip through Meta

    It was a work trip and we were off to see some properties in the state of Meta, located in the centre of Colombia. It would be 2 days of working, followed by 2 days of holiday at a farm/ holiday home (in Spanish called a ‘finca’) close to the town of Villavicencio.Meta is a region of the plains. Long, straight, seemly unending roads with long grass ...
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  • Volunteering for ‘Un Techo para mi País – Colombia’

    An unforgettable experience I’ve had in Colombia was volunteering for 'Un Techo para mi País - Colombia', an organization that sends volunteers into the poorer areas surrounding Bogota and throughout the country to help construct emergency housing and implement social programs into these communities. We had close to 800 volunteers building 100 new ...
  • Lost City (Ciudad Perdida) Trek

    We’d been walking along a slightly muddy path, up and down hills for about 2 hours when it dawned on me what exactly I’d signed up for. A 6 day trek through the jungle of Colombia! I’m not a trekker, I had a terrible fitness level and had just spent the last 2 weeks partying in Bogota, what was I thinking!? But it was too late, I was ...
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