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Vicki Kellaway

Vicki Kellaway

I've spent the last 18 months living in Colombia - despite never intending to visit here. I'm a freelance journalist and was travelling in South America when a Colombian friend suggested I go north, to visit her homeland. I fell in love with Bogota and decided to stay; writing about the country and doing my best to improve my Spanish. I've since travelled all over Colombia and am now living between Cartagena, on the Caribbean coast and the capital.

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Salsa Circus

I knew Cali was Colombia’s 'Capital of Salsa', but I didn’t realise the city's salsa circus – called Delirio – would showcase its talents quite so spectacularly. This amazing show does exactly what it promises, combining salsa and a genuine circus in a flash of smiles, sequins and daring trapeze stunts. You’ll laugh at the clowns and marvel at the dancing devils but, above all, you’ll be bowled over by the children.

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