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Richard McColl

Richard McColl

Richard McColl is an Anglo-Canadian freelance journalist now living in Colombia. Here he divides his time between his guesthouse, La Casa Amarilla in Mompos and the capital Bogota. He is the author of the Michelin Green Guide to Colombia, is published in various international media including the BBC, CNN, Global Traveller, the Daily Telegraph and the Independent amongst others. He blogs at Matador and is the Colombia country expert for the Nile Guide.

When not chained to his desk Richard dreams of adventures in the jungles of southern Colombia, some of which he accomplishes, others not!

That Time I Ran Bogota’s Half Marathon

Kenyan runner James Kipkemboi couldn’t stifle his laugh: “My record time in a half marathon is 1.02.46 and you are aiming for a time less than 2 hours and 20 minutes?”

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  • Richard
    Richard says #
    Chip, we are 2600m above sea level here, I know San Diego well, so the difference in altitude is extreme. In order to run this, yo...
  • Chip M
    Chip M says #
    Hey buddy, I want to run this but am not sure about the altitude. I live at the beach in San Diego and run at least one half marat...

Lifted Away, Adventures in Colombia's Southern Jungles

Sometimes you reach a place so beautiful and breathtaking that once you leave, such as returning to the city, you’ll find yourself as if sleep-walking, transported back to that unforgettable location.”- Toribio of the Huitoto tribe.

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  • Mike McIlvain
    Mike McIlvain says #
    Very good put-you-right-there narrative. I will be looking for more.

Old Providence: the Perfect Caribbean Island cliche

Below us, the island came into view encircled by a brittle and protective ring of coral reefs made distinguishable by the white water ripping at the edges and creating a turquoise iris effect skirting the white sandy edges of the Caribbean island of Providencia. Our Russian-built aircraft bobbled in the turbulence kicked up by thermals and updrafts resulting from the gnarled volcanic peaks to our left.


San Agustin's Enormous pre Columbian Cemetery

Here in the districts of Saladaoblanco, Isnos and San Agustin, the topography is uneven; valleys, hill plateaus and mountainous clusters come together to form its exotic and varied landscape. It is in this geographically contradictory territory to the south of Huila that in 5300BC an advanced culture evolved existed and disappeared in this strategically important natural passage from the foothills of the Colombian Massif to the Amazon.



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