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Mike Ceaser

Mike Ceaser

I grew up in N. California, but also worked for several newspapers in the southern U.S. To improve my Spanish, I traveled to Chile, where I taught English, then to La Paz, Bolivia for several years, to Paraguay and then to Venezuela, where I covered Hugo Chavez's 'revolution' for foreign media. But I became disillusioned with chavismo and wanted to see Colombia, which did not receive the attention it deserved, so I came to Bogotá about six years ago. After three years, I started Bogotá Bike Tours.

Visit San Agustin in Bogotá

San Agustin, near the Ecuadorean border, is the only place in Colombia where pre-Hispanic monuments have been discovered. But even if you don't have a chance to travel to the famous site, you can still experience a sample of the monuments in Bogotá, in a tiny park behind the Central Cemetery.

The original San Agustin is a bucolic region where you can walk through the forest and encounter hundreds of the mysterious monuments, which mix human and animal characteristics and often tower three meters high. In contrast, the tiny park near the cemetery is tucked behind a police station and surrounded by busy streets and small industries.

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How to play Tejo

A winner! Note the iron disk in the middle of the clay pit. That's a balazo - maximum points!

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Plaza Bolívar Turns into a Peasant Market

About once every two months, Plaza Bolivar, Colombia's center of government, experiences a radical makeover and turns into a Mercado Campesino, o Peasant Market. Peasants from all over Colombia come with their fruits and vegetables, jams and jellies, meats and even handicrafts. The goal is to hike campesinos' incomes by enabling them to sell directly to the consumer, rather than letting a middleman take much of the profit. The market also, for at least one day, gives central Bogotá a taste of the countryside.

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    I've lived in bogota for almost two years and have never been. Do you have any idea where to find a schedule or is it all word of ...

Bogotá's Rolling Party: La Ciclovia


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    Hello uf you are in Bogotá I can give you a hand and We can ride toghether in la ciclovia for free only to improve my english, fee...
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    yes, we expect there to be a Ciclovia that day. If you'd like, you can rent a bike from Bogota Bike Tours. Best, Mike...


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