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José Luis Pastor & Marcela Mariscal

José Luis Pastor & Marcela Mariscal

Marcela was born in Bogota and started travelling through the country along with her family since she was very little. During a trip to Egypt, after graduating in Business Studies in the London Metropolitan University, she takes the chance to work as a tour guide through South America for English Company. When she realizes that Colombia is not part of the South American circuit, she decides to go back to her home country and work to promote Colombia as a world class travel destination, first through her blog and later by founding See Colombia Travel, an incoming tour operator in Colombia.

Born in Peru, Jose Luis is in close contact with countries of the five continents since childhood, which instilled a natural passion for both traveling and cultural diversity. As an expert in Corporate Marketing, he leaves his career in Telecommunications to co-own during seven years one of the most important incoming tour operators in Latin America … until he decided that Colombia was where he wanted to finally settle. He is currently the Communications Manager at See Colombia Travel, the Colombian tour operator he founded with his wife Marcela.

A Brief Introduction to Colombian Music

Music is central to the Colombian experience. It’s in the blood of every person from here, and you won’t be able to escape hearing the blaring beats of reggaeton or the swinging sound of salsa as you wander the Streets, take a bus or even a taxi.

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  • Richard
    Richard says #
    Excellent summary of Colombian music. Expect to hear music everywhere in Colombia....and played super loud!

The Amazing Cocora Valley


When I visited England this past Christmas, there was général bewilderment at my lack of a tan. For people back home, Colombia is a sun-drenched paradise where we all drink coconut milk on the beach. Now, as lovely as that would be, I’m a Londoner and so I’m thankful to be living here in Bogota where I can indulge in that great English activity: complaining about the rain, even though it’s an unavoidable, inherent part of living in England (or Bogota).

5 Bogota Day Trips to Escape the Big City

As you walk around
Bogotá on a clear day, through the bustling colonial streets of La Candelaria or the leafy parks in the north of the city, there‘s one thing you can never fail to notice. Bogotá’s mountains loom large over the city, peaking through gaps in buildings at every corner, serving as a reminder that life doesn’t end where Bogotá ends. For many travelers, life only just begins once you step outside the city’s perimeters.

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Is it safe to travel to Colombia? A British Expat Answers The Question

Last year I was in Colombia watching images on the news of my hometown being ransacked and burnt. I was a mixture of emotions, from anger to sadness. From my adopted home in Colombia I could see from an outside perspective what was happening in my country. I was embarrassed and angry: a minority of the population was causing panic in other countries, making them heighten their security warnings for my beautiful home and even go as far as to advise against travel there.

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