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Kristin Radermacher

Originally from Minnesota, I moved to Colombia in August 2009, three months after my college graduation from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, to pursue a career in teaching.

I currently teach 8th grade math at a bilingual American school in the city of Cali. Outside of the classroom, I love to travel and I am busy taking every opportunity to experience more of Cali, other parts of Colombia, and South America in general.

In addition to this, I enjoy reading, blogging, exercise, watching baseball, yoga and a good Juan Valdez coffee.

Recent Posts

  • The Best Beaches in Colombia

    Bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Amazon River, and full of countless other rivers, lakes and streams, Colombia has no shortage of places to get your feet wet. Mostly I love a good adventure vacation where I can raft down a river, swim in the Amazon, kayak on the Pacific Ocean or go caving. However, every once in awhile you just nee ...
  • Adventures By Day & Treehouse Sleeping By Night at Rio Claro Nature Reserve

    If you were anything like me growing up then you watched the movie Swiss Family Robinson one too many times for the main reason of seeing the awesome treehouse they built for themselves!  As a little girl, the idea of sleeping under a roof, but still very much outdoors and surrounded by nature seemed absolutely magical. At  Rio C ...
    Apr 21 Tags: Untagged
  • La Tierra de Aventura: San Gil & Barichara

    Nicknamed "La Tierra de Aventura" or The Land of Adventure, the Santander region of Colombia lives up to its name. Located in the middle of the country, about six hours north of Bogota, this part of Colombia is known for its scenery - complete with deep canyons, raging rivers and majestic mountains. San Gil   San Gil is a ...
    Apr 15 Tags: Untagged
  • Make the Most of a Weekend in Salento

    Right in the heart of Colombia’s Eje Cafetero (Coffee Axel) there is a highway, which runs between the cities of Pereira and Armenia. Each lovely in their own right, the real gem of this region comes when you deviate from this road and dip down into the pleasant mountain town of Salento. As your bus turns off the main road the fresh smells of the ...
    Mar 22 Tags: colombia, Quindio, Salento
  • Finding Good Coffee in Colombia

    I don’t drink a cup of coffee every single morning. Unlike many, I do not rely on that first 8 (or more) ounces to get my day started. However, there are few smells, tastes and traditions I enjoy more than chatting over a good cup of coffee. In anticipation of my move to Colombia in the summer of 2009, I spent time daydreaming about& ...
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Alex Owen

I lived my formative years in South Wales and studied in England. My first real travelling was a month spent in Mexico in '96, I suspect that it was then that I realised that travel would be a big part of my life. After graduating I went away for 2 years, seeing Thailand, Australia and New Zealand and heading home via North America.

Back in the UK I secured a job with a management consultancy firm with a postponed starting date and thus spent the best part of a year travelling Latin America. After 6 years working in The City, I left the UK on a racing yacht, destination: Australia.

Leaving the boat in Panama I found myself again in Latin America, fulfilling my wanting to return some day. I travelled a while and decided to settle in Colombia. I currently run a British Pub in Bogotá.

Recent Posts

  • When I Was Little

    When I was little, El Dorado was the place Esteban et al. were searching for in the cartoon ‘The Mysterious Cities of Gold’. However, according to what I learned at Guatavita, El Dorado has nothing to do with hard-to-find jungle cites… La Laguna de Guatavita is a crater lake in rolling countryside lying about an hour to the north of&nb ...
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Peter Martin

I've been blogging since May 2008. I started my blog before traveling to Peru as a way to update friends and family back home. I've kept it going since then as a way to share whatever interests or moves me, and I rarely post about the same topic more than a few times.

Recent Posts

  • Loving Medellín

    I’ve been here for less than a day. But I can already say: I love Medellín. This city is beautiful, it’s fun, many of its great attractions are free or cheap, and it’s everything Bogotá isn’t. Bogotá’s streets are a mess of pavement and mud, even in nice neighborhoods. Medellín’s are well paved, even attractive, through all the parts of the cit ...
    Feb 18 Tags: Medellín, colombia
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Eva Laura Siegel

I´m a 27-year-old public health researcher in the area of HIV/STIs originally from San Francisco, California.

In 2008 I moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina on more or less of a whim, and since then I´ve lived in Cali, Colombia and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which is where I currently write from.

When I´m not talking to people about their sex lives, I read far too many articles online, do a lot of ill-recommended cooking experiments, wander around the city, and go to music and dance stuff.

Recent Posts

  • An Intro to Bogotá Featured

    Some years ago, before I had ever been to Cali, or anywhere else in Colombia, I flew into Bogotá to spend a week with a good friend. We stayed with her in-laws, who very graciously took it upon themselves to show the gringa, who had no clue what the hell was going on, around the capital. They took me to what you might call Bogotá's Greatest Hits—pl ...
  • Medellín: Exploring a Changing City Featured

    I have wanted to go to Medellín for quite awhile now.   Whenever I complain about the heat in Cali, invariably someone says “you would like Medellín, it's always 70º” (as opposed to 85º-90º in Cali). And recently, any time anyone comes back from Medellín, the report is always the same: “Medellín está MUY bonito”, referring to recent i ...
    Mar 10 Tags: Medellín
  • Colombian Independence Day = Lechona

    Colombia Independence Day is July 20th, and in essence it’s more or less the same as Independence Day in the U.S., or most places, I imagine: lost of food, lots of beer, and an amped-up dose of nationalism. Colombian Independence Day does of course involve music and dancing as well, as all Colombian celebrations do, and instead of doing the typical ...
  • Bate Bate Chocolate

    I’ve written about Colombian hot chocolate here before, the kind you put cheese in, but I’ve never just written about the plain old Colombian-style hot chocolate that makes me ever so happy on a nearly daily basis. In the states, hot chocolate is reserved either for breakfast or for cold winter nights. Though exceptions can be made at breakfast, I ...
    Jul 04 Tags: Hot Chocolate, Chocolate
  • Mystery tuber time

    I recently wrote about Colombian supermarkets and some of the unknown produce I faced the first time I walked into one.   Though I was bewildered by much of what I saw, for the most part I could more or less guess what family of fruit/vegetable I was looking at-- that is until I passed some small pink-purple somethings that looked straigh ...
    May 21 Tags: Ullucos, Mystery tubers
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