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Colombia invites you to download mobile applications where you will learn from activities, destinations, attractions, experience and infrastructure where you can enjoy the best vacation and also the largest international events.

Colombia travel app

When you download the Colombia travel app you will discover why Colombia is Magical Realism. Through the app you can find calendar festivals, events and celebrations; use a map to explore our colorful destinations, look up for practical information on the different tourist attractions, and search for information about hotels and restaurants in many parts of the country. 

Languages: English/ Spanish



Get ready for a journey full of unique experiences as you plan your trip using the mobile guide to dive in Colombia.

Languages: Spanish / English / Portuguese



Welcome to Meetings Colombia. Get in touch with the meeting tourism offer that Colombia has to carry out world-class events. Explore our locations using a map and a powerful search tool to deepen in information about hotels, convention centers and nontraditional Venues capabilities.

Languages: English / Spanish