Every place in Medellín has something that is especially interesting. It is a surprising and unique city with the most lively and hospitable people in the world.

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Incentive trips: History, Culture, and Tradition in Medellín

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Escultura de Fernando Botero

Scultur by Fernando Botero

Cerro Nutibara
The top of the Nutibara hill offers one of the best panoramic views of the city. “Pueblito Paisa”, a replica of an early twentieth century village, was built on the hill and includes a chapel, a school, the mayoralty, a barber’s shop, a pharmacy, a liquor shop, a two-story house, and a monument to an important person.
Plaza Botero
With 23 sculptures, this is the world’s largest exhibition of works by Fernando Botero.
Museo de Antioquia
This is the second most important museum in the country and a site for important cultural events.
Jardín Botánico “Joaquín Antonio Uribe
This botanical garden is ideal for corporate events and theme parties. Inter-Andean forests, orchids, bird, and flowers are part of the attractions.
Ecoparque Cerro El Volador
The land of this 12-hectare eco-park used to be a ceremonial site of the Indians who inhabited the Aburrá Valley. Main activities are the observation of space on full moon nights and guided tours through its archaeological museum.
Plaza de Cisneros
This is a public plaza that is visited mostly for its historic value. Its greatest attraction is a complex of 360 towers that are lit according to the phases of the moon. It is 24 meters tall and has 2,100 spotlights. At ground level the plaza has 170 lampposts.
Parque de los pies descalzos
Located near the Alpujarra Administrative Center, this park offers interactive encounters with nature. Its name reflects a guided barefoot tour through water fountains, a sand park, a Zen garden, and several streams.
Parque de los Deseos
This is an interactive park that shows the impact of astronomy on water, energy, and communications. Its eight attractions bear witness to the dreams, wishes, and achievements of humanity at different times.
Metro Cable
The Metro lends itself to a historical, tourist, and industrial tour on land, and offers the best panoramic tour of Medellín on its two-kilometer long. aerial Metrocable section.

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