The Cocora Valley, the towering wax palms that touch the sky; this entire land is one of the most beautiful and peaceful natural settings there is.

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Incentive trips: sports and adventure in the Coffee Region

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From several hill and mountain tops you can descend into a valley in just 30 minutes. Rafts made from guadua (a type of bamboo) steered by knowledgeable oarsmen can take visitors down the gentle currents of La Vieja River on a 6-hour, 8-km tour of intense green vegetation and pink sunsets.

The Barragán River rapids, with their 7.5-km and 3-hour trips have a Level 3 international classification.

Two perfect words to describe the Coffee Regionexperience: adventure and ecotourism.

Sports fishing, rock climbing up river canyons, hanging bridges, and climbing walls make the Café Triangle an adventure destination and a challenge for paragliding, rafting on La Vieja River, kayaking, trekking, and rappelling. Cable flying is done over a 2-km stretch divided into stages by the names of. Platanal, Café, Guadual, Nogal, Las Heliconias, and Los Cafeteritos.


Each of the capital cities of the three departments that make up the Coffee Region has an 18-hole golf course. Being surrounded by landscapes of coffee makes them unique. They are located only 60 minutes from one another. So, a golf tour is a real possibility, and a memorable one on account of the warmth of the people and the climate.

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