The Cocora Valley, the towering wax palms that touch the sky; this entire land is one of the most beautiful and peaceful natural settings there is.

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Incentive trips: nature in the Coffee Region

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Valle del Cocora /Pic.

Valle del Cocora /Pic. stevemonty

Bird watching, mountain climbing, golf and fishing, interpretive paths through the forest, a park of snow peaks, sailing in an ancient boat, hiking on trails of varying levels of difficulty, and admiring 1500 specimens in a butterfly garden. The Café Triangle has an entire portfolio that contains everything to make your incentives trip a unique experience.

Lugares de naturaleza

Quindío - Territorio Aventura
Lodging, rafting, kayaking, high-roping, paragliding, rappelling, horseback riding, and a tour of the theme park, among others.
Quindío - Panaca
National Farming Theme Park.
Quindío - Barco Pereira
A typical Cauca River boat.
Risaralda - Los Nevados National Natural Park
With five snow-capped peaks at a maximum altitude of 5,000 meters. Favorite activities are: off-road all terrain rides, rock and ice climbing, paragliding, and mountain biking. A visit to Termales del Ruiz (hot spring waters) is a wonderful before the ascent to the snow peaks.
Risaralda - Otún Quimbaya Fauna and Flora sanctuary.
Tours, observations of stars, ecological paths, story-telling, restaurants and history.
Risaralda - San Vicente Hot Springs (Santa Rosa de Cabal)
A daring combination of nature and relaxation. Horse trails, a spa, whirlpool baths, a pool, and a restaurant make are included in this offer.
Risaralda - Mirador del Río Barbas
This observation point on the Barbas River is truly beautiful. There is a golf clinic nearby.
Risaralda - Otún Lake
This spot is ideal for ending an excursion or beginning the excursion to Los Nevados; excellent for hiking and camping.

Sitios de interés

  • Quindío - Jardín Botánico del Quindío
  • Risaralda - Parque Nacional Natural Tatamá
  • Risaralda - Parque Regional Natural El Nudo

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