Cali's jubilation is fueled by the rhythm of salsa, its warm climate and especially by its warm people. Cali is an unforgettable city.

Francoise Matte



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Incentive trips: salsa in Cali

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Bailarines de salsa en el espectáculo Delirio. Tomada de flickr por hilcias

The capital of salsa. Photografy Flickr by hilcias

There is no doubt that this destination specializes in salsa: over 5,000 professional dancers and the title of World Salsa Tri-champions in contests performed in Cali and Las Vegas attest to the fact.

A visual, lively, dance experience

You can go beyond admiring salsa. Learn to dance it with the experts and take it back home with you. Learning to dance in Cali is considered a privilege. Group lessons in over fifty schools, the Salsa Circuit, and the Salsa Culture Tour are fun-filled entertainment options.

Cali, as the salsa capital of the world, has a lot to offer:


Calle 28A Nº 13A-15 Piso 36

Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Fondo de Promoción Turistica PROCOLOMBIA

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