Cali's jubilation is fueled by the rhythm of salsa, its warm climate and especially by its warm people. Cali is an unforgettable city.

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Incentive trips: nature in Cali

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Watching of Hump-backed, or yubarta, whales



From July to November, with the peak during occurring from June to October, over 800 whales migrate from the Anctartic to the Colombian Pacific coast for their mating season.

The ideal places for watching these 17-meter long yubartas are Buenaventura, Bahía Málaga, and Tribugá.

Bird Watching

Universo natural que encierra mar, montaña y valles.

Colombia is the country with the highest diversity of birds in the world. The department of Valle del Cauca has 44.7% of the country total with 818 bird species that may be admired in natural reserves and eco-parks found in coastal areas, lakes, páramos, and dry forests.The best sites are the Laguna de Sonso Natural Reserve, the Yotoco Forest Reserve, Los Farallones Park, the San Antonio Cloud Forest – Kilometer 18, and El Vínculo Biology Station.

Los mejores sitios para el avistamiento de aves en el departamento son:

  • La Reserva Natural Laguna de Sonso,
  • La Reserva Forestal de Yotoco,
  • El Parque Los Farallones,
  • El Bosque de Niebla de San Antonio - Kilómetro 18,
  • La Estación Biológica El Vínculo, con un recorrido de 2,5 kilómetros de senderos y la posibilidad de observar hasta 125 diferentes especies incluyendo 95 de aves.

If Cali and it´s nature  interest  you  as a travel or incentive destination, be sure to see:


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