Cali's jubilation is fueled by the rhythm of salsa, its warm climate and especially by its warm people. Cali is an unforgettable city.

Francoise Matte



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Incentive trips: Cali cuisine

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Sampling and innovation to suit your taste

Cali’s gastronomy routes are among the most varied in the country. We are not exaggerating when we say that a major part of the cuisines of the world may be sampled in Cali in five well-defined areas: El Peñón, the Parque del Perro, Santa Mónica, Ciudad Jardín, and Granada, with a total of over 400 restaurants. Granada concentrates 70 places for exquisite and varied national and international food, live music, and a series of unique shows.

  • El Peñón,
  • el Parque del Perro,
  • Santa Mónica,
  • Ciudad Jardín,
  • Granada

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