To be in Bogotá is to be in the beating heart of Colombia. It means absorbing the extraordinary cultural movement of the city, where there is always something to do.

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Incentive trips: nature and adventure in Bogota

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The Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral

Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral

Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral

Hidden under the plains and hills of a town with narrow streets, lies one of Colombia’s marvels: the Salt Dome of Zipaquirá, one of the world’s largest salt deposits, with 50% of the salt of the whole country. Salt was the preferred currency for trade for the first inhabitants of the area, the Muisca Indians.

Time, light, sound, color, movement, and wind keep changing during the descent into the Cathedral. Those who have been able to describe this authentic cultural experience say it takes them on the road to a different inner world. This is a mysterious place that invites reflection.

Offers for tourists include the following: the route of the miner, complete with hardhats, protective gloves, and head beams; the Via Crucis, or Stations of the Cross; the descent ramp, the chorus and balconies; the Nartex Complex; and the Great Chamber of the Miners.

Pleasant and thought-provoking array of colors that give new meaning to the word tranquility


Behind the 3-meter tall German doors from 1817, buttressed by eucalyptus logs, is the site of an adventure that descends 60 meters underground and then advances horizontally for 2,500 meters more. This is a trip to the core of the Earth, passing by interesting salt formations, water mirrors, a wishing well, the chapel of the Virgen del Carmen, and the heart of Nemocón, a village that dates back 470 years.


Paintball, ascending La Gran Pared (the big wall) in Colombia’s largest rock-climbing gym, trekking, canyoning, wet rappelling, rafting, recreational diving, karts competitions, and even ostrich races take place in the Department of Cundinamarca, of which Bogotá is also the capital city. Sites with the specialized services for performing these activities are: Tobia, Suesca, Chingaza, and Melgar.

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