The land of coffee and grand houses that makes business trips an unforgettable experience of learning and pleasure.

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Congresses and Conventions in The Coffee Cultural Landscape

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Click on image to enlarge Beauty in mountains and valleys with the aroma of coffee.

Beauty in mountains and valleys with the aroma of coffee. /Photo. Flickr user 100porcientocafedecolombia. Patricia Rincón Mautner

Although coffee cultivation is much extended in Colombia, it is commonly associated with three departments: Caldas, Risaralda, and Quindío, Valle del Cauca the reason being that in other departments coffee cultivation is one activity among several, while in the Coffee Cultural Landscape it is the veritable culture of the land and the people.

It has consolidated as one of the most important destinations. The friendliness of the people keeps visitors wishing to come back.The Coffee Cultural Landscape encompasses three mid-sized cities, which are quite close to each other and have their own airport and sufficient infrastructure for mid-sized events.

Visitors also have the opportunity to get to know coffee farms and natural and theme parks, practice adventure sports, enjoy popular fairs and festivals, and devote themselves to relaxation and the contemplation of one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Colombian geography.

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