Bogotá: a cosmopolitan, agile, and versatile city with a great capacity to host any national or international congress.

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Bogotá: gastronomy

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Gastronomy in Bogotá has become quite sophisticated in recent years. This is due in great measure to the influx of business visitors with high purchasing power, but, above all, to the incessant searches of the city’s inhabitants for new entertainment spots.

Gastronomically speaking, there are five main areas in Bogotá:

  • The so-called M zone in the traditional quarter of La Macarena, in the center of the city and close to the National Museum and the bullfighting ring.
  • The G zone, located between Calle 69 and Calle 72 and between Carrera 4 and Carrera 7, in the heart of the city’s financial center.
  • The Rose, or T, zone, located between Calle 80 and Calle 85 and between Carrera 11 and Carrera 15. This is also a shopping area with several malls and the shops of Colombia’s most famous designers.
  • Nightlife is very animated in the Parque de la 93 and its surroundings, between Calle 93 and Calle 94 and between Carrera 11 and Carrera 15.
  • The small town of Usaquén, located several hours away from old Bogotá at the time it was founded, was absorbed by the city. It goes from Calle 118 to Calle 124 and from Carrera 1 to Carrera 7.

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