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Fairground Corferias in Bogotá

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The Corferias Convention Center

The Corferias Convention Center

The Corferias Convention Center is part of the fairgrounds by the same name. It was specially designed for conventions and is equipped with the latest in technology and support for meetings.

Additional information

Location and Access Routes

Corferias is strategically located in a section of town with excellent access routes, and is close to El Dorado International Airport, important hotels, and excellent shopping centers.

Exhibition areas

Service Areas

Food court

Corferias provides a modern, functional food court for the convenience of visitors end exhibitors. Two restaurants serve international food. Eighteen offer fast food, desserts, and ice cream. Total capacity is 1,000 people.

Parking Lot

One of the largest parking lots in the city, with 2,250 parking spaces, is located in Corferias.

Services for exhibitors

Covered and outdoor spaces for exhibits and events:
Clients select the area that best suits their marketing and exhibition needs.
Production and mounting of exhibition areas:
Corferias mounts your stand with the basic parameters of panels and partitions. In the case of special exhibits, Corferias has business allies for supporting the work of the exhibitor.
Information for visitors:
Exhibitors register in an official catalog that is published in print, the internet, interactive kiosks, and information points.
Registration of visitors:
Once the event is over, a list in magnetic media of visitors to his stand is sent to each exhibitor for the purpose of contact and follow-up.
Business round:
By means of this service, interviews are scheduled for allowing exhibitors to make better and more focused contacts with buyers interested in his products.
Convention center and/or business center:
VIP rooms, auditorium, rooms for academic activities, and meeting rooms that may be used for talks, cocktails, and launchings.

General Services:

Wireless network for access to the internet through portable computers, hand-held devices, and cell phones).
Banking and automated teller services:
The fairground has several ATMs and bank branches for banking operations and currency exchange.
Rental of exhibit systems, furniture, decorative plants, and specialized machinery and equipment.
Rental of equipment for exhibits and events and telecommunication services, among others.
First aid and medical services:
Corferias offers paramedical and general medical services in two care centers. Ambulances backed by the Red Cross or the Civil Defense are available for emergencies.
Travel agencies:
Visitors and exhibitors can easily find travel agencies, like Aviatur, that provide information and make reservations.

Services for visitors

On-line pre-registration
Buyers can pre-register through the internet and obtain authorization to enter the event after meeting the necessary requirements.
Registration of buyers:
Specialized buyers can obtain a badge that serves, in most specialized events, as an entrance ticket to the fair. This requires registering their data so that exhibitors may contact them during and following the event.
Information for visitors:
Visitors can obtain information about interesting exhibitors and their products, brands, and services, through the internet, interactive kiosks, and information points.
Alliances for lodging and transportation

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