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Congresos e incentivos

Buceo en el Caribe

Diving Caribe

Welcome to Colombia. We invite you to discover a different country, strategically located in the northern part of South America, with coasts on the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, the tallest seaside snow peak in the world, incredible historic sites, unbelievable natural landscapes, and a privileged climate with 365 days of sunshine and placid, charming nights. Its large tourist infrastructure and its teams of professionals will make incentive trips unique experiences for your clients. Our professionals are highly creative, resourceful, and up to the challenge of making each incentive trip a total success.

Colombia will seduce you with the most surprising destinations and a complete portfolio of tourist services that bureaus and tour operators will propose to you according to the requirements of the group, yet always surpassing your expectations.

Viajes de incentivos sorprendentes, divertidos e inolvidables.

Cartagena de Indias, Santa Marta, San Andrés, Bogotá, Medellín, the Café Triangle, Cali and Santander will amaze you. Gala dinners in a museum or an eighteenth century fortress, theme parties, animated routes, trekking, rafting, canopying, extreme ropes, adventure parks, a mud volcano, spas, guided tours of historic monuments, tours on sailboats and galleons or horse-drawn buggies, golf tournaments, kart races, and even ostrich races are some of the activities that You can make happen in this country of incentives.

MICE Destination

The country’s imposing, modern convention centers have been the seat of the following important world events, among many others: the Inter-American Bank Assembly (Cartagena de Indias, 1982), the XI Summit of Non-aligned Countries (Cartagena de Indias, 1995), the IV International Congress of the Spanish Language (Cartagena de Indias, 2007), the XXXI TravelMart LatinAmerica (Cartagena de Indias, 2007) and the XVII General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization (Cartagena de Indias, 2007).

You can imagine what Colombia is like, but you will not be able to guess correctly; even when our visitors come for the second time, their amazement continues. It is definitely a worthwhile experience. This is a country that defies the imagination, a country of dream-like places, with coffee, flowers, emeralds, and people who show their friendliness from the very first moment. Not in vain did the foreigners who fell in love with this country find the exact words to describe their experience: Colombia, the risk is wanting to stay.

UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites in Colombia

  • Port, Fortresses and Group of Monuments, Cartagena (1984)
  • Los Katíos National Park (1994)
  • San Agustín Archaeological Park (1995) Parque Arqueológico de San Agustín
  • 1995 Parque Arqueológico Nacional de Tierradentro
  • Historic Center of Santa Cruz de Mompox (1995)
  • Carnival of Barranquilla (2003)
  • Palenque de San Basilio (2004)
  • Malpelo Fauna and Flora Sanctuary (2006)


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