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Southwestern Antioquia: A Tradition of Coffee, Coal, and Mule-driving

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Chiva en Jardín, Antioquia

Chiva in Jardín, Antioquia

Let yourself be charmed by one of the loveliest regions in Antioquia, surrounded by mountains, rivers, waterfalls and famous for its flowers, coffee plantations, and sugar cane mills. Give the traditional sweets and exquisite cuisine a chance to delight you.

In the municipality of Jardín, you can sit down to enjoy a pretty sunset in the flowerful, colorful El Libertador Park and to admire the imposing church; both were declared National Monuments. Jardín is famous for the colors of its houses and flower-filled balconies. However, the mills that produce panela (unrefined cane sugar) and its derivatives, the trout farms, and the caves where rappel may be practiced also merit mentioning. 

Farallones de La Pintada

Farallones Mountains at La Pintada

The Támesis coffee town has unusual attractions. The petroglyphs carved by Indians on large rocks and spas for tourists seeking rest and relaxation are among them. In the surroundings, there are lookout points, bathing spots, mule trails, and waterfalls for extreme sports like rappelling, climbing, and zip-lining.

La Pintada is a destination on the Cauca River, with a varied offer of hotels, hostels, and camping sites. It should not be missed on account of its climate and fruits, and the possibility of nautical sports and adventure sports like rafting.

Betania, Antioquia

Betania, Antioquia

Few municipalities have as many and as varied reasons to be visited as Jericó. With its 16 chapels, the main park is one of the prettiest in Antioquia. The town is famous worldwide for the manufacture of leather items, including one of Antioquia’s main symbols:  the carriel, traditional leather shoulder bag used by men. Jericó is a sought-after destination by hikers and ecology lovers.

One of the most pleasant towns for visiting in the southwest is Ciudad Bolívar, where enormous palm trees welcome visitors to this horse-loving town. Naturally, horseback riding is an ideal activity to get to know old paths and trails, in the midst of exuberant vegetation and majestic scenery. The main park is presided by imposing saman trees that offer respite from the sun and the heat.

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