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Northern Antioquia: Route of Milk, Trout, and Good Cuisine

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Iglesia San Pedro de los Milagros

Church of San Pedro de los Milagros

This tour was designed for lovers of ecological tourism, agro-tourism, and religious and cultural pilgrimages. This Antioquia sub-region is located on a high plateau with a mixture of lovely architecture, kind people, cozy hotels and green scenery.

Visit the municipality of San Pedro de los Milagros and its Minor Basilica, which is called “the Sistine Chapel of Antioquia”.  Admire the paintings on the ceiling and an excellent replica of Michelangelo’s Pietá. In the surroundings, you may visit dairy farms and become acquainted with the process of milk production. Pleasant horseback rides and ecological hikes are additional attractions.

Trout farms, páramos, and reservoirs are found in the municipalities of Entrerríos and Belmira. Sports fishing is a favorite activity and is usually followed by exquisite meals where, naturally, fish takes center stage. The area provides camping sites in atmospheres ideal for relaxing in harmony with nature.

The ride on the Gómez Plata cable car is the steepest in Latin America. It is located in El Salto district and provides a pretty view of a waterfall over the Guadalupe River.

Producción lechera, economía del norte de Antioquia

Milk production, the basis of the economy of northern Antioquia

If your trip is about an encounter with the fervor and religious spirit of the inhabitants of Antioquia, do not miss visiting the municipality of Angostura. The Church of San Jose preserves the mortal remains of “Beatus Father Marianito” and is a pilgrimage site visited by thousands of Catholic faithful who take offerings and prayers on account of the miracles performed by this saint.

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