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Middle Magdalena: A Legend of Water, Tropical Forest, and Cement

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Cañón del Río Claro

Río Claro Canyon

In a fabulous descent from the Central Andes to the plains of the Magdalena River lies the Magdalena Medio, or Middle Magdalena, an area with a pleasantly warm climate.

The town of Puerto Triunfo offers varied, good-quality lodging.  The Malecón Turístico (tourist pier) that runs alongside the main park offers an excellent view of the Magdalena River. Visitors will have the opportunity to acquaint themselves and enjoy fishing and attractive theme parks.

Puerto Triunfo, the Río Claro Canyon, the Nus Caves, and Puerto Berrío are the main attractions in the Middle Magdalena area

Close to this municipality is the Río Claro Canyon, a site with very diverse fauna and flora, in addition to a crystal-clear river that found its way in the course of millions of years through tall limestone hills to form the largest marble canyon in Colombia. Lodging and food are available.

The Nus Caverns, in the municipality of Caracolí, are also an ideal site for hikers and nature lovers. The Nus River may be easily seen running under the caves.

The municipality of Puerto Berrío also stands out in the Middle Magdalena region. It is a mid-size city with considerable trade and is considered the capital of the Middle Magdalena region of the department of Antioquia, with a history linked to the Magdalena River and to the Antioquia Railroad. The Hotel Magdalena, now restored, is witness to 125 years of history. Exuberant natural attractions are among its most precious tourist treasures.

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