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Eastern Antioquia: the Department’s Green Route

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Calle del recuerdo en Guatapé

Calle del Recuerdo in Guatapé

AJust 20 minutes from Medellín, a variety of landscapes in the form of forests, high plateaus, and reservoirs begins to be seen. The area is characterized by typical villages where parks are an ideal spot to spend some time and savor the exquisite typical dishes of paisa cuisine, naturally accompanied by the delicious, traditional aguardiente (sugar cane spirits).

El Carmen del Viboral: This is considered the most important artisan center for hand painted ceramics. The famous “vajillas del Carmen” (Carmen dish sets) stand out.  The floors and facades of one of the town’s main streets were renovated with ceramic pieces, thus generating cultural and educational dynamics in the urban space.

Embalse de Guatapé y El Peñol

Guatapé and El Peñol Reservoir

The Guatapé and El Peñol Reservoir: It is one of the largest in South America, and perfect for outdoor sports, fishing, and nautical activities. You will be amazed at the Piedra del Peñol, an enormous monolith that may be climbed for enjoying an incomparable view of the architecture, balconies, and house plinths of the municipality of Guatapé.

The Guatapé Pier: This walkway runs parallel to the reservoir.  It is the spot for the arrival and departure of the boats and floating restaurants that navigate the reservoir, as well as the perfect place from which to admire the beauty of the landscape reflected on the water.  There you may walk, relax, and enjoy a varied gastronomic offer, without forgetting to stroll on the “Calle del Recuerdo”, where the colorful facades of the houses are decked with the traditional house plinths that  capture the attention of all visitors.

Embalse de Guatapé y El Peñol

Guatapé - El Peñol Reservoir

El Peñol: After the whole village of El Peñol was flooded to build the dam for the reservoir, the municipality was relocated and became a tourist destination where the main attractions are the Marial Rock, a religious pilgrimage site; its temple, which simulates a rock; and the House Museum, which is the place to learn about the flooding of the original village and, of course, about the multiple attractions derived from the reservoir.

The traditional tour of the East: This tour, which begins in Medellín, is virtually lined on each side by hostels and restaurants offering all kinds of food. After a short journey, visitors arrive at La Fe Reservoir, right by Los Salados Ecological Park and Hacienda Fizebad. The latter was a private residence built in 1925 and houses antique furniture and accessories.

Continuing towards the municipality of El Retiro, it is possible to admire the manufacture of wooden furniture and accessories and the flower-filled balconies that adorn the town’s central park. Not far, on the road to La Ceja, there is an imposing natural waterfall by the name of Tequendamita. A short distance further on, lies the municipality of Rionegro, with the historical Casa de la Convención, where the Colombian Constitution of 1863 was signed.  Not far from Rionegro, is the township of San Antonio de Pereira, which offers restaurants, handicrafts, and delicious home-made desserts and sweets.

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