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Interesting sites on San Andrés

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Haga click sobre la imagen para ampliarla The Aquarium is a major attraction in San Andres /Photo Carlos Sueskún.

The Aquarium is a major attraction in San Andres /Photo Carlos Sueskún.

Museo Casa de la Cultura Isleña:
The Island House Museum is a wooden building, and a trip round it is a journey into the past. It faithfully imitates a house at the time of the British colonial era, recreating island life of centuries ago. There is also a display of dances that represent the island culture: the jumpin’ polka, the mentó, calypso and reggae amongst others. At Avenida Circunvalar Km. 5.
Botanical Gardens:
The visitor can appreciate the evolution of species of flora, a sort of brief history of the plants brought top the island by English settlers.
Spratt Bay Parade:
At the northern end of the island (called “The Centre”!) there is a long parade lined with shops and restaurants on one side and unending beaches and blue sea on the other.
San Luis:
This is the east side of the island, with the best beaches and plenty of hotels.
Ecotourism parks:
In the south-west of the island we find the Westview park, opposite the area known as La Piscinita. There is the Siren´s Cave and the famous cabins made from aromatic coconut wood. A little further north is Job Saas´ farm which offers ecotourism with crabs, turtles and iguanas – and a refreshing drink of tamarind or cane sugar juice.
The Baptist Church:
This is the oldest church in San Andres, at the island´s high point, La Loma. You can look out across the whole island from there.
Johnny Cay:
This is a tiny island paradise lined with palm trees and restaurants offering local fare. The beaches are perfect for sunbathing and enjoyment of the music and natural surroundings which have made the whole area a Regional Nature Park.
Haynes Cay Aquarium:
10 minutes away by launch is another tiny island with a group of kiosks offering cocktails to refresh you alter a session of snorkeling or watching colorful little fish cavorting in the shallow waters of the aquarium.
Pig Pond:
This is a good lake for bird-watching…. or spotting alligators.
Morgan´s Cave:
A coral formation surrounded by local legends and lore.

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