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Recommendations for visitors

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You should follow the suggestions made for the Nevado Nature Park, and the advice of guides who take you up the mountain.


  • Those with cardiac or respiratory problems should not attempt the trip
  • Children under six, adults over 65 and pregnant women should not try to visit this park.
  • Alcoholic drinks and cigarettes may not be consumed during a visit to the Park
  • You are not allowed to leave waste-matter in the park, or extract any kind of plant, animal or geological material
  • Bbuses, motorcycles and pets are not allowed in the park.


  • For five days before you visit the park, it would be advisable to eat peanuts, Granola, and a good portion of carbohydrates (guava paste, or chocolate), and fruit such as pears and bananas, and a good deal of water.
  • Have a good night's sleep before starting out.


  • Hydrate yourself constantly
  • Take fruit and a bar of chocolate, preferably with peanuts.
  • Take clothing suitable for a cold climates (jacket, gloves, scarf, caps, etc).  It is not a good idea to wear jeans, a tracksuit would be better, preferably waterproof, with a lycra lining.
  • Put on extra layers of clothing as you climb
  • You should pause at several points on the way, to adapt to different altitudes
  • Walk slowly
  • Put on sunblocker every two hours
  • Use UV protective glasses
  • Wear comfortable, waterproof shoes
  • Open the side windows of the vehicle on the way up
  • Follow the recommendations made by the guides and Nature Park personnel.


  • Invite a friend to live this unforgettable experience !


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