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The road to Nevado del Ruiz. A mountain waits in silence

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Nevado del Ruiz / Photo: Carlos Sueskún.

  • Altitude: 5,321 m above sea level
  • Climate: paramo and perpetual snows, the temperature may go down to -3°C
  • Scenery: about 2 million years old
  • Ice-cap: about 9 km
  • Altitude limit for tourists: 5,125 m above sea level

The trip to Nevado del Ruiz is Manizales is full of magic and nature.  Contact with earth more than 5,000m up takes the visitor's breath away, and teaches him a little humility as it delivers them to the grandeur of the mountain.

The mystery of the white summit

Along the road to the Nature Park, you can see magnificent and imposing scenery; beautiful little places so typical of the coffee-belt tell you that you are in contact with mother Earth, and with all the life she brings.

At dawn, the broad expanse of mountain's and rolling hills, exotic flowers, warm colors and the timid rays of the sun guard the entrance to a marvelous ecological reserve, which is home to some species of flora and fauna that are unique in the world, where the Nevado del Ruiz towers up into the sky.

Kumanday as this gift of nature is known, goes majestically up to 5,321 m above sea level, covered by beautiful snow, contrasting with the infinite range of greens of the Andes mountains.

A perfect instant, which remains in the memory of anyone who has visited this amazing century and walked around it, laden with mystery and enchantment.


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