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Colombian tourism offering in Vakantiebeurs, a Dutch fair

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Cartagena, Bogotá, Tayrona Park and the Coffee Triangle

Products of Nature, Adventure and Culture in Cartagena, Bogotá, Tayrona Park and the Coffee Triangle will be promoted before Dutch tourists who will attend Vakantiebeurs, the most important showcase in the country between January 10 and 15.

Approximately 120,000 people, including professional, public and end consumers, will attend the 42nd edition of the showcase with the participation of 160 countries with over 1600 exhibitors who will gather in the city of Utrecht.

The Colombian delegation will be led by Proexport and will feature the World Tours agency that will seek new business opportunities with international entrepreneurs at the meeting.

Colombia's stand will feature a VIP room, three tables for employers and a coffee stand where beverages will be distributed to those who come to find out about the country's tourism offering.


Colombia is ecotourism and exotic landscapes, relaxation and full-scale nature fun. The one thing that surprises travelers arriving for the first time in Colombia, are the 1,600 km of coastline it has in the Caribbean Sea and 1,300 km in the Pacific Ocean . A total of more than 300 beaches that receive all kinds of tourists, couples, families with children, adventurers, nature lovers, and so on.

The country has 55 protected natural areas, according to their characteristics, they are classified as national parks and natural reserves, and to this day they have become wildlife sanctuaries scattered throughout the territory.

History and Culture

Bogota is the epicenter of Colombian culture; this capital offers a wide range of evening entertainment and the most varied cuisine in different spots of the city.

The Historic Center of La Candelaria contains the entire history of Spanish colonialism preserving its original architecture, a set of narrow streets where tourists can go back to the past, visit the Casa de Nariño, meet the new Gabriel García Márquez cultural center, or go the most representative observation site of Bogotá, Monserrate.

Cartagena is also a location chosen by tourists as a place that exudes history and culture. The monuments stand among the historic city, ancient cloisters, churches and fortresses. The traces of the bloody battles fought during and after the Spanish colonial times, are represented in constructions like the Castle of San Felipe de Barajas, the walls, the Palace of the Inquisition and the Clock Tower.

Adventure Sports

Colombia is a country with many attractions, a variety of climates and a unique topography that allows you to include adventure sports in its tourism. Landscape diversity in flora and fauna, offer a unique opportunity for tourists to practice adventure sports amidst warm, heated and cold environments.

The characteristics of the country range from high mountains, valleys, plains, deserts, seas, lakes, mountains and rivers.

In general the country has the ideal qualities necessary for these sports, from the Caribbean to the south in the Colombian Amazon.



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