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Place of interest on Providencia and Santa Catalina

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Sunset on Lovers´ Bridge.

Morgan´s Head:
A huge rock sculpted naturally by the wind and waves. It has some protuberances and depressions that look like eyes, ears lips, cheeks and a neck.
Mac Bean Lagoon:
A nature park, with ecosystems of the sea, coral reefs, mangroves and dry woodland. It has been known as the Sea Flower Biosphere Reserve since. The islanders say that the mangroves are the nurseries of species of tiny colored fish. The Park includes Crab Cay and Three Brothers Cay.
Cayo Cangrejo (Crab Cay):
A small island with a hill that gives an amazing view of the blue sea and Mac Bean Lagoon. This is the entrance to the Park, which is a perfect place for snorkeling.
The Peak Forestry Reserve:
This is the highest point on Providencia, at 360 m asl. It is a three-hour walk or a one-hour ride away. Most fresh-water sources of the island spring from here- You can see the whole island from the Peak, through an unrivaled explosion of blues and greens!
Santa Catalina:
This magic island has never seen an automobile. The intense greens of the hills and mangroves display the fertility of the soil. This is where the native raizal culture is most strongly conserved. There are some ruined fortifications and canons used to defend the island in the Colonial era.
Lovers´ Bridge:
This is a wooden bridge that links Providencia to Santa Catalina. In English Colonial days, the pirates Morgan and Louis Aury made this dyke to protect themselves better from the invaders. From this bridge you can watch stunning sunsets framed in colorful woodwork and crabs carved on the bridge.
The most beautiful of them all is Manzanillo (Manchanell); on a Saturday at Southwest beach you may see horse-racing, with local boys as jockeys.


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