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Good food on Providencia and Santa Catalina

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Haga click sobre la imagen para ampliarla A seafood snack on the beach at Manzanillo

A seafood snack on the beach at Manzanillo / Photo: Carlos Sueskún.

The sea is the hand that plies the islanders with food. It brings them crab, lobster, snapper, parrot-fish and other varieties which the skills of the islanders turn into real delights for the senses.

As in San Andrés, the most typical dish on Providencia is the ”rondon”, which has fish, snails, pig´s tails, yucca, plantain and dumplings. This is all cooked up in an aromatic sauce with pepper and basil.

On the beach at Manzanillo – the most beautiful on the island – the specialty is a seafood snack with shrimp, lobster, crab, crushed plantain and fish: a real feast for the palate.

Coconut oil is used in cooking and in making the local "bushy" rum: two of the delights of local cooking not to be missed on Providencia.

One of the most typical ingredients is coconut oil, which they use for cooking. It is a smooth essence of coconut delicately introduced into the recipe. The hands that produce this elixir are those of Hanna Aguilar Archbold´s family. Hanna has lived on Santa Catalina since she was born and loves the tranquil life there.

Another local delight is “Bushy”, a local rum made by Roberto Bent, who also lives on the island. And there´s nothing quite like the fish balls (made from parrot-fish), seasoned in a sauce of tomato, onion, green peppers and coriander.

Enjoy the peace of Providencia and Santa Catalina …. with its marvelous food!


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