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Places of interest in Nuquí

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Haga click sobre la imagen para ampliarla In a tiny village called Termales there is a hot spring. /Photo: Mario Carvajal.

In a tiny village called Termales there is a hot spring. /Photo: Mario Carvajal.

Nuquí is jungle and Nuquí is sea. A beach, a village and mountains, all in the bosom of the Pacific family. There are many idyllic spots to discover in the rock labyrinths along the beaches, fertile and thriving mangroves, and the damp mountainsides full of life.

The villages of Nuquí are all small, lined with wooden houses, children scampering down the narrow streets – almost too wide for a car to pass, and you will only find vehicles in the main town, near the airport. All in all, a perfect place to find the really special thing about Nuquí: the people.

Nuquí, the town
This is the place to buy some supplies before going to the hotel on the beach. There you will also find the craftwork typical of the region, such as wérregue, baskets and trays, utensils made from gourds and tagua collars.

Beach: Olímpica
Close to Nuquí, this is a beautiful 5 km beach that glows in the sunlight. You can get there on the Nuquí river.
Rivers: Anachí and Nuquí
Perfect for a launch trip into the varied mangrove life of the area.
El Tajo
A small island off the shore at La Pila
Beach: Guachalito
This beach has some of the best hostels in the area.
Cascada del amor
The waterfall is about 20 minutes walk through the jungle along the river. The well at the foot of the fall is 2m deep.
Termales - Hot spring
Beside a seemingly endless beach is the village of Termales. Five minutes from there are some deep blue hot springs (which give the village its name), perfect for a relaxing bathe.
Beach of Tribugá
8 km of beaches across from Playa Olímpica or trekking through the jungle (with a guide).
Beach: Morromico
A beach close to Utría Bay.
Cascada La Chontadura
Playas de Coquí
Los manglares

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