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Good food in Nuquí

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Haga click sobre la imagen para ampliarla The Pacific provides all the food anyone could need to eat well. /Photo: Natalia Gómez Carvajal.

The Pacific provides all the food anyone could need to eat well. /Photo: Natalia Gómez Carvajal.

The region of the Chocó, with the fury of the waves of the Pacific beating its shores and the rushing rivers flowing down to the ocean and the water-rich mountains, offers plenty of exquisite and nourishing food, which, in the hands of the black communities that live there produce surprising and exceptional dishes.

The mainland supplies the aromatic herbs from the hidden corners of one’s garden or from the hillsides amid the jungle. Cimarron coriander, garlic, cumin and basil are the natural cousins of the piangua, the snapper and any number of other fish and seafood, plantain, sweetcorn, rice, coconut and cocoa. Each of them helps to form any number of combinations to surprise you. Another success for the people of our Pacific coast!

  • 'Desmechado' or 'enconcado' snapper: A dish usually made with snapper but other fish and forms of seafood will do just as well. The secret lies in the preparation: first, it is smoked for two hours and then hand-crumbled. Separately, grate a whole coconut finely, then soak three times in water to remove all the milk. Chop or grate a pepper, French onion, garlic and coriander Cimarron and keep it on one side with the coconut milk. Add the fish and let it simmer – and there you have the flavor of the Colombian Pacific on your table!

Here are some of the other delights of our Pacific kitchens: they don’t mean much in English – so just put them on the list to try out in Nuquí!

  • Mulata vaciadora
  • Ceviche de Piangua
  • Sancocho peligroso
  • Huevos a la clarenciana
  • Viudo de pescado
  • Rollo de pescado
  • Pescado en salsa de borojó
  • Quebrajao de camarón muchilo
  • Arroz con caracoles o mariscos

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